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Two weeks quarantine before meeting the first customers in China is less time for 499 things to do. But in the meantime I have become better on juggling four balls and started working on five. My first visit to Shanghai after leaving the hotel was very intense with many great impressions such as trying out an augmented reality smart glasses you can use for remote diagnosis or even commissioning. This digital hardware supported in in matter of fact end of May by starting up our recovery plant at our Austrian site in Schörfling. Due to travel restrictions in the corona, the supplier commissioned the plant remotely and at the site with Augmented Reality Smart Glasses. #Flexibility #HumanChemistry #TeamSpirit #Digitalization #Leadership #Trust #Openess #499ThingsToDo
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Spending ten days in the quarantine before meeting first customers in China, I am surprised how normal the new normality already feels. Social media quickly makes you lose your feeling for room or for geographical distance and keeps you in permanent contact with friends and family. One hour of sport a day can also be easily mastered in a hotel room as one of 499 things you can do. Especially if find colleagues with a good YouTube tip at their hands to join in. #Flexibility #HumanChemistry #TeamSpirit #Leadership #Trust #Openess #499ThingsToDo
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Have you ever wanted to unsubscribe from all newsletters that daily spam your inbox? These and 498 other ideas are described in a booklet I’ve got for my trip to China to intensify customer relationships. A good source of ideas during a two-week quarantine I am currently in Shanghai due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Curious to experience this new normal daily business fully virtual currently. #Flexibility #HumanChemistry #Leadership #Trust #Openess #499ThingsToDo