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Periodically, we also work in our sleep! 😉 With this ad Region Eastern Europe celebrates the International Year of the Periodic Table. 150 years ago, Dimitri Mendeleev from Russia created the first periodic table of chemical elements – allegedly while sleeping. For more than 170 years, predecessor companies and today Evonik have been giving products their special properties. For example, we make mattresses more elastic, white bedding brighter, linen antistatic, and towels fluffier. Our passionate experts create innovative solutions anywhere and at any time – sleepless nights or systematic daydreams are part of it. All this to ensure that our customers have a good night's sleep. #Anniversary #Russia #BetterWithEvonik #SystematicDaydreams #PeriodicTableOfChemicalElements #RegionEasternEurope #IYPT2019
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Happy Birthday ISAM! As we celebrated 40 years of ISAM and its previous programs together with you in our ISAM Networking Day 2018 we are curious to get impressions from you as former participants, mentors, assignment hosts and supporter of the program from the last 40 years. #Anniversary #ISAM #Marketing&Sales #40yearsISAM
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100th year anniversary for AKO plant of DSL. Japan We celebrated the 100th year of AKO plant on October 18, 2017. The AKO plant was established in year 1917 as a plant to produce the raw material for medicines. A cherry tree was planted in commemoration of this celebration. We all look forward another years to see this tree to be blossom in Spring. #DSL #AKO #Japan #Anniversary