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Are you a digital native? Born early 70’ I´m definitely not, but I´m a witness of the exciting development seen over the last decades. Unfortunately, these developments, such as social media, also come along with negative aspects. Social media is becoming a strong influencer of society with pros and cons. On one hand social media is connecting the world, making information available on time, and freeing up individual creativity. On the other hand social media has addiction potential, fake news, multiple realities, and detachment from real life. Having said that, I´m very pleased to be invited by my employer to contribute valuable content based on serious information. As the very first guest editor of Evonik, I would like to grant interesting insights of life and career options at this exciting chemical company which is leading beyond chemistry. My name is Andreas, and I have been a chemical engineer at Evonik since 2002; disrupted by a 4-year excursion to a global compounding company granting additional perspectives. This week I´m going to share posts frequently, and I´m looking forward to this journey. This journey is a little outside of my comfort zone, but isn´t that exactly what drives personal development? When did you last move outside of your comfort zone? With my next post, I´m going to share some insights on my working tasks, my team, and general working environment to start. From there, I will begin to jump into different topics from shaping career experiences to curios situations in working life. I´m looking forward to an exciting week as guest editor. #humanchemistry #innovation #career #Germany #development #buildingbridges #TheRealEvonik #research #digitalnatives #getoutofyourcomfortzone
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Das GDCh Kolloquium informiert interessierte Studenten am Standort Goldschmidt über die Potentiale von Neutronen in der Forschung.// The GDCh Colloquium informs interested students at the Goldschmidt site about the potential of neutrons in research. #HumanChemistry #Goldschmidt #Career
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Meeting young PhD candidates from the Technical University of Munich at the IGSSE Forum 2018. #career #IGSSE #tum