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Hi! I am Ulises Castro from the Active Oxygen division in Mexico, I love my job because the smart materials we manage are so versatile for example the Hydrogen Peroxide is a compound that has endless uses, and I am astonished every time that we have a new project having a new application because I can learn from it and apply it with new clients and with this I contribute to change the word by having innovative and green solutions that can be replied! I find challenging when we have to develop new projects as well, and finding a solution to specific needs, I like to be so versatile and always evolving as Hydrogen Peroxide is, and I am always eager to help our clients in all they need and with the knowledge that I know in order to fulfill our goals, and finally I believe this is a work`s team and I like to work hand to hand with everybody in order to achieve our goals. I believe in Evonik we are like a big family changing the word with so innovative solutions! #LeadingBeyondChemestry #WhyWeDoIt #LeadingBeyondChemestry


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