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Shanghai: 魔都(Mo Du), this is how we call “Shanghai” in China – the city of magic and charm. Shanghai is an extremely accommodating city. The tradition and history, the fashion and modern, all get settled in the city harmoniously. More than 24 million people live in this city, while many are from other parts of China or countries all over the world. They come to the city with their own identities and bring in new dynamics and their own impact here. The city keeps on evolving, especially during the last 40 years. Evonik came to China first in Shanghai in 1933. We settled down at two major campuses for innovation and production. We are proud of being part of the city and making impact here! Photo: Celebrate Chinese New Year 2020 (Shanghai Tower), Cheers with “Evonik China Annual Award” winning team at Bund. Many thanks to Eric Sun for contributing a few great photos in this video clip #evonikchina #guesteditor #workingworld #shanghai
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8 years, 2 companies, several different jobs, lots of countries and she's still my favourite person to work with! #HumanChemistry #Shanghai #China #USA #BetterWithYou #GreatBritian
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The bosses of Regional Management Team got rid of suits and ties, dressed up in Disco style and dance to the music! More than 800 colleagues in Shanghai got together at the Shanghai Annual Party to celebrate the coming Chinese New Year on Jan. 8. The Boss Show is always the most welcomed program. #HumanChemistry #Shanghai #Annual Party #Evonik China
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赢创上海莘庄基地的约800名员工在2018年会上度过了一个愉快的夜晚。 About 800 employees in Evonik Shanghai Xinzhuang site enjoyed themselves at the Annual Party 2018. It is a tradition event in China to hold annual parties before Chinese New Year. #HumanChemistry #Shanghai #annual party