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#WhyWeDoIt! – Photo with our management trainees - Yvaine, Eric, Monica and Rex. I was a few weeks ago interviewing a management trainee applicant. I asked her why she would apply for Evonik, a chemical company which could be considered old fashioned. “Your products could make a difference for the world.” Obviously, she did her homework and was amazed by the little chemistry that could create magic in 3D printing, drug delivery systems, cleaning solution formulations … and I, was really moved by her authenticity and passion for specialty chemicals. Many years, I have been motivated by the same reasons to grow with the company, among the “magic” chemists, animal nutritionist, engineers and other colleagues who are always striving to be the forerunner of various industry applications. You are never bored here in Evonik! #evonikchina #guesteditor #whywedoit #specialty chemicals
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Export and import logistics is an exciting topic as you have the chance to work with people from a lot of different functions (procurement, ESH, supply chain, marketing,…) and different companies (forwarders, shipping line, warehouse, …). Our team currently provide logistics services to 10+ business lines in Evonik, and we take pride in delivering our company's specialty products to countless destinations around the globe, serving as an essential link in the entire value chain. As a service platform, we actively share best practices across business lines and always look for ways to achieve synergies which can bring cost benefit to the company. Moreover, logistics never runs out of surprises, so it's very hard to get bored :-p #Whywedoit
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Digitalization at Animal Nutrition: Our animal nutritionists market APP to chicken farms. Yes, you didn’t hear me wrong! In animal nutrition, we crossover into the world of digitalization in livestock farming. Sally is our specialist of Porphyrio®, a software uses big data and smart algorithm to support the total business optimization process of poultry meat and egg industry. #evonikchina #guesteditor #whywedoit #animal nutrition