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I do it for my family, my community, my team, and my daughter's friends...when I have challenging work assignments it keeps me motivated to make a difference in all aspects of life and encouraging others to be their best. The future is exciting and I'm thankful to be a part of it. Working at Evonik also offers me flexibility to support my daughters at their events so they run their own race in their own lane. It's all about balance and flexibility...this helps me start and end each day with a smile. #humanchemistry #makinglifebetter #workingmom #dualcareerfamily
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Does a parent on an international assignment have to "shut down?" No way! Thanks to my computer and smart phone, I can still contribute to my household. School-related apps help me stay on top of upcoming assignments and tests, so I can offer reminders. Google docs and online banking allow me to pay bills. Amazon allows me to help my kids get ready for Father's Day. No doubt about it, my husband is doing most of the heavy lifting with me out of town, but I can still participate. (BTW, my son made the "I love you" label for me on his first day of school last year. It's always a nice reminder of home.) #HumanChemistry #Internationality #30YearDream #WorkingMom #HomeTeamSpirit #ItSTILLTakesMe