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We help where there is a need: I made a trip to Nepal Summer 2017. For me, the two weeks in Kathmandu was like travelling back to my childhood time - poor infrastructure, living conditions, but people full of energy and wish to improve. And we, from different countries, were there to help. The master gave several options to support but in the end he asked if we could spend 10 days in a local public school where supports were really appreciated. My daughter and I immediately accepted his request. These ten days turned out to be a memory that I could never forgot. From kindergarten to junior highs, from art, mathematics to taekwondo, there were so much we could share and provide, and we were returned with a lot of laughter and applauds of love. In the specialty chemical world, Evonik contributes where there is a need from customer, for the light weight of vehicles, an environmentally friendly personal care solution and sustainable livestock farming. We strive to explore technologies to help customers in addressing their problems. In Animal Nutrition, “we are sciencing the global food challenge”, this truly represents Evonik as a leading specialty chemical company. #evonikchina #guesteditor #children