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Today my bi-weekly working meeting with some Technology Leaders (TLs) and Future Market and Applications took place. We normally review and discuss new project ideas, status of existing project portfolios, communication topics and feedback coming from the organization. In addition, we kicked off the development of a new strategy in a certain field today. From my point of view, it is very important to have a frequent exchange and communication between the TLs as they manage their project portfolios relevant for certain market segments. This ensures that transparency is given, and impulses can be set in between the markets. The later I consider as a very powerfull point as it opens efficient technology transfer between markets. #humanchemistry #germany #communication #TheRealEvonik #technologyleader #synergies #transparency #coordination
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Coming back to work after a short holiday, I found an amazing piece of news in my mailbox: our sustainability report 2018 “Creating the future is our business” has received a gold Vision Award from the League of American Communications Professionals (LAPC). I know how much work my colleagues have put into creating the report. The award is a great reward for all those involved in creating the report, working at corporate responsibility and all contributing to sustainability in the Group. Congratulations to the team! #humanchemistry #awards #corporateresponsiblity #communication #sustainabilty
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"So-so ideas are chosen all that willingly. For really good ones you have to fight." In this spirit - greetings from the Evonik Brand Academy creativity workshop! #Creativity #PowerToCreate #BrandAcademy #Communication