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“Sell me this pen” has become a well-known phrase, where salespeople are challenged to close a deal without having any details about the pen or the buyer. Being successful in sales requires a combination of competencies, skills and a lot of learning-by-doing it! In addition to that, I fully embrace the following points: . Be honest and authentic: human decisions and relationships are based on trust . Fully understand what the other side desires: it’s not by chance that we have two ears and one mouth . Three ways to bring value: your customers will increase their revenue, will reduce their costs or will improve their customer experience . Don’t have a winner-takes-it-all approach: make it feel like both sides walk away as winners What other points do you embrace and apply when working with sales? #Sales #GuestEditor #CustomerFocus #Value
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I just followed a great presentation: Our Technology Leader Industrial Oil & Gas, Carsten Schuett, was presenting together with our customer latest results of the joint qualification of our Polyamid 12 based CF Tapes for offshore pipe applications at AMI Polymers for Oil & Gas Virtual Summit. This project is a good example of our involvement and close cooperation along the value chain. Our approach is to understand the end application in a way that we can translate or even anticipate application needs into material requirements. This was my last post of the day and I hope I could give good and interesting insights of a typical working day from me at Evonik. Reviewing this week, I wonder what I might should have addressed. What did you miss? What would you like to read as my almost last post as Guest Editor of Evonik? #humanchemistry #germany #buildingbridges #therealevonik #customerfocus #technologyleader #cooperation #customer #involvement #customerunderstanding
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Today I would like to talk about experiences that have shaped my professional career. One of the most formative situations was a situation at which we were not able to produce an important product during several month and thus no longer supply it to our customers. As you can imagine, this led to an extremely big challenge for us and our customers. At that time, I was in daily contact with customers as a business development manager. What did I learn from this time? I learned how important it is to put the customer at the center of all activities! Our managing team at that time made sure that we gave the greatest possible transparency; both internally and externally. This required intensive communication and coordination. We ensured that our customers were informed about every progress in the necessary measures and derived schedules for getting back into operation. Alternative products were developed at top speed in close cooperation with our customers, and even if they were only compromise solutions, they helped to bridge the time gap. After several months we were able to get back into operation. Many believed that we would lose many customers, but it turned out that this was not the case. Personally, I could see that many customer relationships had even improved. This experience also greatly strengthened my confidence in the extraordinary capabilities of our great Evonik team. #humanchemistry #speed #trust #openess #Germany #performance #buildingbridges #TheRealEvonik #confidence #shapingexperiences #customerfocus #extramile #customercentered