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I don´t have time for staying fit. It is to time consuming. That is a typical excuse I hear very often. And actually, at the current period of time it is really not an easy one because work-life-blending hasn´t been as intensive as yet. Nevertheless, with good time management and some willingness it could still be possible to find at least a little gap to exercise. For example, it needs just an 8 to 10 min High Intensive Interval Training (HIIT) to reach a significant effect on your body fitness. Right, just 10 min! Imagine you would implement it in your daily morning routine. It literally wouldn´t affect your timetable but your fitness significantly. Currently I place it in my lunch break. Today I did two Tabata rounds of box jumping with 1 min rest in between. Tabata stays for eight 20/10 cycles (20 sec exercise/ 10 sec rest). So, one round is 4 min of training. If you gained interest, you will find plenty of training examples for HIIT (e.g. like Tabata) on YouTube. And never forget, staying fit can help you to perform well in business life as well. Just imagine a very long and intensive negotiation meeting. A good fitness will help to stay concentrated and can make the difference. Keep fit! #humanchemistry #innovation #Performance #germany #development #buildingbridges #TheRealEvonik #research #TimeManagement #HIIT #Negotiation #getfit #Tabata #fitness #stayfit