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Mit der Teilnahme an einer kurzen und anonymen Umfrage helfen Sie uns, Ihr Erlebnis auf unserer Karriereseite zu verbessern.

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Today I like to share my final post as Guest Editor. It was an exciting journey in a new field of activities to me. The week started with a people story and an introduction of my job, followed by thoughts about the hashtag buildingbridges. On Wednesday we had a glance on a shaping experience of my carrier and on Thursday we dived into details of a typical working day. After I shared a curios experience in working live my 60 seconds challenge has been published by the great corporate branding team. With that release my journey as Guest Editor comes to an end. Looking back, I conclude that the video challenge did put me most outside of my comfort zone. Nevertheless I´m quite happy with the outcome and very proud to be the first challenger of that format. It was much fun and I enjoyed sharing some insights of the working environment at Evonik. I like to thank all of those who have shared their valuable feedback and followed me on this journey. I wish all following Guest Editors a lot of fun as well. Also, the year is coming to an end. It was a challenging one and 2021 will keep challenging. We all never experienced a pandemic before, and further lockdowns seem to come in place. It demanded and demands very much from all of us. I belief in our discipline and endurance to follow the important guidance to fight the pandemic. As well I belief in the researchers working for a vaccine and I wish us all a coming year at which we hopefully can celebrate the end of the pandemic. Keep healthy! #humanchemistry #germany #guesteditor #buildingbridges #therealevonik #wirgegencorona #pandemic