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#buildingbridges? What is meant by this? From my point of view this hashtag describes our department, and also me as a person, quite well. Communication forms bridges between many different topics, as we guide Evonik forward. In the areas of Technology Leaders, Technical Centers, and Future Markets & Applications, we build bridges from existing solutions to better solutions, for example, by using disruptive new technologies. We also bridge operational and strategic project portfolios between Technical Centers with different levels of experience and focus in R&D activities. Furthermore, communication bridges need to be built between the business, R&D and their departments, as well as, between the regions with their technical centers. This complex environment illustrates how excellent communication and cooperation skills are a necessity within our team. So, what does the hashtag have to do with me? Whoever happened to read the people story about me (https://careers.evonik.com/en/human-chemistry/) might have recognized it. I like to transfer experiences from different life situations to others. I do this consciously and actively. For example, in my sport I was always able to determine the success of my training by recording my training sessions in detail. Over the years, I realized that depending on the life situation and time, training had to be reconsidered and adapted in order to achieve the same results as before. This helped me to create the awareness that this is also a key to success in my professional environment. When a new task is taken on, the working methodology must be fundamentally questioned and, if necessary, adapted to the new framework conditions. Yes, you are right, this is a simple and obvious example. A more challenging example is the bridging between my two little sons of almost 2 and almost 4 years old and my two daughters of 12 and 15 years old. Can you imagine what a challenge it can be to plan an excursion together! To be honest, I would be very grateful for some helpful tips from experienced bridge builders 😉! #humanchemistry #innovation #technology #germany #development #buildingbridges #therealevonik #research #personaldevelopment #adaption
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Hello world. Today is day one of my guest editor week at Evonik, and as promised, I would like to share some insights on my working tasks, my team, and my general working environment. The journey of my career has put me in the position as the department head in Evonik’s Research, Development, & Innovation (RDI) organization. In my department there are three pillars that are driving the future success of our High Performance Polymers business. 1) The group of Technology Leaders driving for sustainable and profitable project pipelines in our market segments. 2) The Technical Centers outside Marl fostering our position globally and incorporating additional diversity in our RDI work. 3) Future Technologies & Application Concepts thinking beyond established paths shaping our long-term future. Due to the breath of our four technology platforms (High Performance Polymers, Membranes, Additive Manufacturing, and Foams), we have the great opportunity to take an active part on innovations in several exciting markets. E.g. the on-going disruption in the automotive industry is part of our daily work in at least two of our platforms in close cooperation with Tier 1s and OEMs. If you are already following Evonik you have recognized how active we are in the fields of Membranes and Additive Manufacturing as well! As you can imagine, my team is full of quite, technical driven professionals, but that’s not the only key requirement to be part of the team. Thinking beyond the obvious, driving change and innovation, and excellent communication and collaboration are evident skills needed day by day in a global matrix environment. Does it sound like we face challenging tasks? Yes, we do! And that is one reason why it is so exciting to work at Evonik. What makes a job exciting to you? #humanchemistry #innovation #diversity #development #buildingbridges #TheRealEvonik #research #Technology #German