Meet the Team
November 9, 2021


#WhyWeDoIt - Thomas is leading the global Talent Management at Evonik. Different experiences in his professional and personal life have made him the person and leader he is today.

People play a big role in your professional life - why did you choose this? 

Working intensively with people was not a conscious decision, but rather a development over several years. At every stage of my career - whether as an industrial clerk, sales and product manager or in human resources - my conviction was confirmed: People make a significant contribution to our success when we create space for them to develop and we embrace their diversity. The foundation for this is inspirational leadership and trust in people. The time I spent living abroad was also very formative for this; every culture changes ones perspective. All of my professional and personal experiences are, and will remain, my driving force in shaping the field of Talent Management. 

What is your understanding of talent management at Evonik? 

In Talent Management, we cover the entire journey of people in the company: from the first contact with our strong employer brand to the exit interview when they leave the company. We try to think and develop our employee lifecycle holistically, we attract, develop, engage, and connect people. An inspiring culture and an environment that promotes sustainable performance - that is what we rely on to have the right people on board. In doing so, we do not just focus on the current vacancy, but are increasingly promoting potential development steps for our employees. One thing is clear: as an employer, we have to position ourselves in a highly competitive market with a clear profile and differentiate ourselves from competitors while remaining authentic. That does not work on a factual level alone. People make the difference at Evonik - we want to make this tangible for applicants and our employees. 

Talent management is a broad field. What is currently the biggest challenge?

As an entire HR organization, we are currently working on our new HR People Strategy, in which we are aligning the most important strategic HR action areas very closely to the needs of our businesses and functions. At the same time, we are in the middle of one of the biggest HR transformations of recent years with the HR 4.0 project, which is a major change process for our entire organization. These are challenges that motivate me because they support us in optimally designing our processes for the global, dynamic labor market.

The pandemic has changed expectations of employers and at the same time created new options for Talent Management. Just to give one example: Our globally launched Smart Work project stands for mobile and virtual working beyond the pandemic. A balanced mix of on site and mobile work will create a more flexible work environment, while also reducing costs and our carbon footprint. In this way, we strengthen our employer value proposition and aim to positively support the engagement of our employees. 

Diversity and inclusion: what is your wish for the future?

I want my daughters to grow up in a world where everyone is free to develop. The term diversity stands for variety and has a high, still growing value in our company. For me, diversity is not a mathematical formula, but unfolds its full power when people live it every day. We encourage our employees to contribute to a diverse corporate culture and offer them learning opportunities to get to know the various facets of diversity. Externally, a diverse network is important to us: that is why we are involved as a partner company, for example, with Femtec to promote women in STEM professions or the international engineering network UNITECH International with activities such as workshops, coaching offers or excursions. In short: We are building a global, professional and trustful network - internally and externally.