Amanda is working in Brazil as a Marketing Analyst and gives us an insight into her work at Evonik.

Hi Amanda! What is your job title and in which area of the company are you working?

Nowadays I work at Care Solutions Business Line (BL) as a Marketing Analyst for Latin America, being responsible for the five different product lines of the BL.

Where do you work? What does your workplace look like?

I am based in the São Paulo headquarter office and at least twice in a month I work from the Applied Technology lab located in Guarulhos, due to my synergy with technical team on the creation and development of the campaigns for the promotion of our portfolio in the region. My colleagues are very supportive, collaborative and we work on perfect harmony.

Can you give us a short summary of what you do in your job?

Since January I am responsible for five different product lines, each of them with its own characteristics and challenges, which increased the scope of my job. I am responsible for the Operational and Strategic Marketing, developing different activities in the region: organization of events (like customer workshops and trade shows), development of campaigns for the promotion of our solutions to the market, competitive and customer intelligence, management of sales pipeline, creation of marketing presentations for customers, and so on. I do not have a routine and I have daily contact with different people from my region and abroad!

Which recently completed project has been of particular interest to you?

Last week we had a great achievement: we were awarded as a Gold supplier with distinction on Sustainability at one of the most important cosmetic companies in Brazil and I could feel that my contributions and work were part of the team achievement.

What are your favorite places in the company?

I have two favorite places:
- the “Work Café” at São Paulo headquarter for obvious reasons (I love coffee!)
- the meeting room at the lab in Guarulhos, because there is the place where most of our brilliant ideas are initiated!

What do you think about Evonik as an employer?

Evonik is a great place to work at: since I joined the company in 2010 (and it was also my first professional experience!) I always met people with different backgrounds, and I could learn a lot in different aspects. Talking about my team, I am very lucky to work with committed, high-performing and innovative professionals, and what is important, we can also find fun at work because we love what we do - without any cliché.

What's a trait that defines you?

I am a book-, movie-, music- and cosmetic lover! I am very curious to read new authors, discover new bands and enjoy my weekends watching good movies and series. And, as I do a lot of researches about cosmetics at work, I am always seeking for new brands and products.

Thanks Amanda for your time and all the best for the future.

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