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December 3, 2019

Employer Branding Team awarded as "HR team of the year"

We are happy: At this year’s HR Excellence Awards as well as at the European Excellence Awards the Employer Branding team was recognized with awards in three categories.

The Evonik employer branding team was awarded at the HR Exellence Awards first place in the categories HR Team of the year and University marketing. Evaluating the last 12 months, the team received credit for activities like the #HumanChemistry employee posting platform on the career website, for the gaming charity event Friendly Fire 4, for the influencer campaign #EndlichMalEinRichtigerJob, the chatbot creation lab with students at the World Business Dialogue as well as the going live of the global Evonik Instagram account. Colleagues from different departments all over Evonik crossed their fingers for the Employer Branding team and provided different video messages.  

As one of the initiators of the global Carbon Footprint Challenge “#PassionForThePlanet”, Evonik collaborated with Covestro, Buhler and Oracle, the student network UNITECH and nine European universities to raise awareness of socially relevant issues among future engineers.  

At the European Excellence Awards the employer branding team was pleased to win first place in the category Chemicals and Industrials and was recognized for the apprenticeship campaign #EndlichMalEinRichtigerJob. Together with Evonik apprentices, YouTube influencers presented six apprenticeships at Evonik sites and shared the videos with their followers.  

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