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March 12, 2021

Evonik's Sustainable Performance Wins Platinum Rating

The EcoVadis rating agency has awarded Evonik a "platinum" rating for its sustainability performance.

The EcoVadis rating agency has awarded Evonik a "platinum" rating for its sustainability performance for the first time. This puts Evonik among the top 1 percent of companies assessed by EcoVadis, both in the chemicals sector and in all other industries. In previous years, EcoVadis had already rated the specialty chemicals company "Gold" six times.

"In close dialog with our stakeholders, we drive our sustainability activities along the value chain. Our attention is always focused - in addition to our own production and business processes - on the supply chain as well as product benefits and applications on the customer side. The EcoVadis award confirms our commitment," says Thomas Wessel, executive board member responsible for sustainability.

The "EcoVadis Sustainability Assessment" looks at the sustainability performance of companies in the dimensions of "environment," "labor and human rights," "ethics" and "sustainable procurement". The assessment also incorporates information from more than 2,500 publicly available sources. The newly introduced platinum ranking allows a more precise differentiation of companies' sustainability performance.

Evonik is a founding member of the chemical industry's "Together for Sustainability" (TfS) initiative and is assessed annually by EcoVadis, which carries out the assessments as a partner of the initiative. The aim of the TfS initiative is to increase transparency and sustainability in global supply chains through uniform assessments and audits of suppliers and additional training.

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