Career News
January 20, 2023

Evonik Lipid Innovation Center 

Meet the team members of Evonik's Lipid Innovation Center and find out how they contibute to Evonik's new production plant in Lafayette, Indiana. 

Watch the video to find out how the project members describe Evonik's Lipid Innovation Center in just three words.

Meet the team and find out their roles in the project! 

Phil Reksel - Project Manager  

“I’m the project manager for the Lipid Innovation Center. My role is to monitor the finances, take care of the schedule, and ensure the construction is completed.”

Jason Lange Project - Manager for Outside Battery Limits  

“I am the project manager for outside battery limits. My responsibilities are everything outside of the primary new production facility.”

Yvonne Hurt - Program Management Office Head  

“My role is to ensure that all the contractual requirements are implemented, sustained and we remain compliant.”

Zeinab Aly - Process Engineer

“I’m involved in designing the processes, equipment, and looking at how everything flows together from a process perspective.”

Daniel Rein - Senior Process Engineer  

“We work to define what we want to build, and we make sure that what we're building meets our process requirements and that we comply with safety and quality regulations.”

Darren Wells - Project Responsible  

“My role involves leading the team to help develop the scope, the site requirements, the EHS concept, the quality concept, and then develop the startup plan and implement the startup to hand over to the site.”

Robert Farner Future Production Manager  

“I help with the design and oversight of the facility because after the completion of the project, I’ll become the production manager.”