Exploring new directions with artificial intelligence

Evonik is one of the first chemical companies worldwide to use a chatbot in employer branding and talent acquisition, and in doing so, improving the candidate experience over the long term.

Artificial intelligence (AI) relieves and supports people in their everyday lives in a range of areas. The chatbot E-von has been providing support for the application process on the Evonik careers website since the Fall of last year.

“E-von is available around the clock on our careers website to provide answers to questions about Evonik as an employer, open positions and our recruiting process, and ‘speaks’ German, English, and Chinese,” explains Anne McCarthy, global director of Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding. “A recent new feature is that E-von can now switch between languages during the chat and also cover a wide range of topics.” E-von can, for example, point applicants toward employee testimonials or show them what employees have posted under #HumanChemistry.

Chatbots can be found on a variety of platforms. They are only really useful when sufficient content has been prepared. E-von is a second-generation chatbot and is able to learn quickly like a small child, albeit under supervision: Although the system is based on AI, in order to utilize its full potential, the dialogs have to be checked and modified in the backend by real employees. Questions without answers are analyzed manually and entered into the system – this human-machine interaction ensures the quality of the chatbot because it learns additional information under human guidance and saves its new knowledge in its repertoire. 

A positive aspect for applicants is that they don’t have to look all over the place for information, they can just ask E-von for it. The chatbot also assists applicants with their job search, motivates them to apply, tells jokes and conducts small talk.

Under the umbrella of the current employer branding #HumanChemistry campaign, the chatbot delivers long-term added value when it comes to presenting Evonik as an attractive and innovative employer.

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