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May 4, 2020

People Insights: Eliana & Johannes

Welcome to our first People Insights post! Eliana and Dr. Joe joined our #BetterWithYou campaign in January. Why are they better together? What matters to them? We got back to them with some questions. More...

Short story insight by  Dr. Joe (Johannes) & Eliana

1. What do you like most about each other? 

Dr. Joe: She is very smart, honest truthful with a big smile. She is a power girl to try hard to get work done. If obstacles occur, she is looking for other alternatives. She never gives up!

Eliana: Dr. Joe is very intelligent, has a great sense of humor and always know when to lend a hand. A true friendship to keep forever.  I have been closely working and sharing good experiences with him for the last 4 years, where I could learn a lot from his savvy problem-solver skills.  We will miss his brilliant ideas and expertise in 2021 once he retires. 

2. What's the first thing you do when you get to the office?

Dr. Joe: Drinking coffee while reading e-mails. 

Eliana: Say “good morning” to colleagues, mainly to my flowers in the office. Then, I prepare a thermos bottle of tea to enjoy my day while checking on my emails. 

3. What is your life motto?

Dr. Joe: Every day is my day, smile and make it good.

Eliana: … do to others what you would have them do to you …
(Matthew 7:12) You say I “dream too big”, I say you “ think too small”. Believe in God.  Nothing happens by coincidence.

4. Which Evonik site did you always want to visit?

Dr. Joe: like to visit Singapore. I worked for many years in the Methionine plant 3 in Mobile and I am very familiar with the Methionine process. I am interested to see all new process improvements implemented in the Methionine plant 5 and 6.

Eliana: would love to visit Singapore. Everyone who has been there says great things about the site, from modernism to technology and working culture. 

5. Do you have any quirks? What would your friends say?

Dr. Joe: I am funny, crazy and I like to make the other smile. Also I am too loud and. If I do it I over do it.

Eliana: drink more than 2 liters of tea or water per day. I like to be closer to people who makes other’s a light life. If something is bothering me, it is hard for people to read me; then they come and ask if they have done anything to me.

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