World Business Dialogue 2019

The motto of this year's World Business Dialogue was "Digital zeitgeist - time to rethink learning". In addition to a panel discussion, Evonik participated this year with a Creation Lab on the topic of "Recruiting Chatbots.

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The annual World Business Dialogue (WBD) offers a great platform for companies and students from all over the world to join interactive panels on current challenges, workshops and even creation labs. 

Evonik organised a creation lab on artificial intelligence. The employer branding team held and hosted the lab for 23 students from countries such as India, Russia, Mexico or Pakistan. The task was to work on the further improvement of E-Von, the chatbot, which can be found on the HR-Excellence 2018 awarded career website by Evonik. E-Von is a second generation chatbot which can assist the application process in three languages. At day three of the WBD the teams presented their concepts to a panel of judges by Evonik. 

On Friday, Markus Schäfer (Managing director human resources at Evonik Nutrition and Care GmbH) joined the panel discussion on identifying, hiring and especially retaining young and high potentials, i.e. the future leaders and experts. 

New technology enables a flexible, easy to access and quicker application and hiring process. However, despite these advantages, Markus Schäfer emphasises that in the end it comes down to personal impressions. To him, the combination of technological advancement and “human decisions” are the foundation to a successful and long-term career. Schäfer concludes that Evonik offers both, cumulated reliability and stability, as well as start-up spirit - best of both worlds for the high potentials. 

Evonik is an annual supporter of the World Business Dialogue, a business conference organised by students. 

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