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Young Spirit is going digital

Evonik’s ‘Young Spirit’ initiative is going digital: videos and a ‘LILY’ learning journey offer mentors many new opportunities to get children excited about science.

As an Evonik initiative, Young Spirit thrives on the commitment of its employees, who pass the joy of science on to children between the ages of 4 and 10 as a voluntary social activity. Young Spirit is now modernizing and digitalizing: In addition to written instructions, selected experiments are now also available as educational videos for the mentors and make it easier for new members to get started. For the first time, there is also a film about Young Spirit that was shot at the Evonik kindergarten, ‘Bunte Moleküle’, in Marl. The main characters are children of employees, who demonstrate experiments together with mentors and reveal why Young Spirit is fun.

"The Young Spirit initiative has been part of our lively corporate culture for many years. It promotes the voluntary commitment of our employees to share their enthusiasm for the natural sciences," says Thomas Wessel, chief human resources officer and industrial relations director. "The current digitalization of the initiative makes it even easier to become an active mentor and increases the reach enormously."

After a basic mentor workshop, approximately 230 mentors remain closely networked and share their experiences at a monthly roundtable and on the Connections Community platform. The "LILY" digital learning library from Evonik enables new and experienced mentors to complete the Young Spirit training at their desk on site at any time.

For more than 16 years, Evonik employees have been attending kindergartens and elementary schools as Young Spirit mentors. Equipped with a suitcase full of household materials such as filter bags or sugar, they conduct experiments alongside the young children.

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