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Get the work started. Together with my great assistant Nina, I start every working day with a short comparison of upcoming topics and tasks. Virtually, of course, since both of us, like many other colleagues, are currently often working from home office. I'm very happy to have this opportunity as it makes today's work-life-blending much easier especially under the challenging Covid-19 situation. Especially those who also have children and depend on childcare facilities will most likely agree. Actually, our facility has just been closed this week. However, I would like to warn against the generalization that a home office is suitable for everyone in the long run. For example, one's own home may be unsuitable because of the lack of a regimen. Under the special circumstances of the pandemic that might work for a certain time but nevertheless, I ask for companies to not make home office spaces mandatory. A home office is a great thing to have available, but only for those who find it suitable. At Evonik I have the impression we are on the right path and for me, personally, home office is suitable and it fits! #humanchemistry #flexibility #homeoffice #germany #buildingbridges #therealevonik #GetTheMorningStarted