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My week as Guest Editor is coming to an end already and it past by very quickly. It is time to sit down and rest a little bit to look back and to analyze feedback received. An important step in every project. In modern project management wording: the sprint is done and now the review of customer feedback happens before we sprint again. Even so my next sprint will not be as guest editor but certainly I will proceed actively at the #humanchemistry community. Today I like to share a curious situation in working life: Once I was on a business trip to a high-level meeting with the CEO of a potential customer of us in the O&G industry. Of course, I was not on my own but accompanied by our BL top management. We were perfectly prepared to give a great marketing driven pitch. But we were stopped already within the first sentence by the CEO asking whether we want to seriously sell our product or not. Silence in the room. After a clear YES, he invited us to discuss deeply technical or to stop the meeting. What does this experience tell us? Be never to sure that you are perfectly prepared. Stay flexible and try to anticipate possible scenarios which could happen at a customer meeting. To make this easier it is always a good basis to know your customer in detail 😉. #humanchemistry #flexible #germany #buildingbridges #therealevonik #feedback #customer #customerknowledge #anticipation #sprint #beprepared #pitch