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I just followed a great presentation: Our Technology Leader Industrial Oil & Gas, Carsten Schuett, was presenting together with our customer latest results of the joint qualification of our Polyamid 12 based CF Tapes for offshore pipe applications at AMI Polymers for Oil & Gas Virtual Summit. This project is a good example of our involvement and close cooperation along the value chain. Our approach is to understand the end application in a way that we can translate or even anticipate application needs into material requirements. This was my last post of the day and I hope I could give good and interesting insights of a typical working day from me at Evonik. Reviewing this week, I wonder what I might should have addressed. What did you miss? What would you like to read as my almost last post as Guest Editor of Evonik? #humanchemistry #germany #buildingbridges #therealevonik #customerfocus #technologyleader #cooperation #customer #involvement #customerunderstanding
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Today my bi-weekly working meeting with some Technology Leaders (TLs) and Future Market and Applications took place. We normally review and discuss new project ideas, status of existing project portfolios, communication topics and feedback coming from the organization. In addition, we kicked off the development of a new strategy in a certain field today. From my point of view, it is very important to have a frequent exchange and communication between the TLs as they manage their project portfolios relevant for certain market segments. This ensures that transparency is given, and impulses can be set in between the markets. The later I consider as a very powerfull point as it opens efficient technology transfer between markets. #humanchemistry #germany #communication #TheRealEvonik #technologyleader #synergies #transparency #coordination
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Before lunch break Christian Trassl, Technology Leader Foams based in Darmstadt, and I had an exchange on our performance foams project portfolio and synergies with our activities in Marl. Christian is our, or let me say the R&D expert on plastic foams at Evonik. Actually, he is also frequently approach from externally for his expert opinion. For me, not having much experience on foams yet, these meeting are always a great learning. Thank you Christian! And you might have recognized at the picture, my early bird son is taking a nap. Thats the easy way of child care during a business meeting. #humanchemistry #innovation #germany #development #buildingbridges #TheRealEvonik #research #technologyleader #childcare #synergies #cooperation