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Isis is an Applied Innovation Coordinator in Evonik in São Paulo, Brazil. In her People Story, she gives insights into her Evonik world and explains why she thinks diversity has to be the way forward.

Which opportunities were offered to you at Evonik?  

I joined Evonik in 2014, working as lab analyst in the former Personal Care line. But my contact with Evonik started already as a customer. By then, I remember that I always correlated Evonik products as a “must have” for my formulations because they frequently solved all my problems! When I started at Evonik, all this trust in the products I used to work with extended to the whole company and I saw that this was the result of a combination: a great company with great people delivering great products. 

Since then, I had the chance to not only develop nice formulations with our products, but also develop myself professionally. In 2018 I got responsible for the application lab, managing a small (but amazing!) team and supporting internal and external customers of the product lines Cosmetic Solutions and Active Ingredients in whole Central and South America. I am glad to be part of this team - everyone I had contact with in this journey did such a big contribution to who I am today. 

In retrospect, would you do anything differently? 

I wouldn’t change anything. I took every chance to learn or do something new, I listened and contributed as well, I exchanged knowledge with so many people from so many different areas and countries that I stopped counting. This collaboration culture based on openness and trust is one of the most valuable things in our life and it is priceless. 

How do you think the diversity aspect will develop in the future? 

We usually say “diversity is the future” but it has to be the path to this future at the same time. It contributes to a multicultural company and helps us to understand and value the changes happening in our customers as well as in our society. Diversity brings dynamism, triggers innovation and gives us the speed we need to have to be not only one step ahead but to be better as humans – with empathy and respect.  

Do you have any advice for other women in your profession? 

There are so many amazing women in this area! My advice is just to keep doing the fantastic job they already do and value your history and your true self. Keep supporting other women in the way to do so. I am pretty sure that these are the key ingredients to a better tomorrow for all of us. 

Role title: Applied Innovation Coordinator for Central and South America 
Based: São Paulo, Brazil  
Division: Nutrition & Care 
Joined Evonik : 2014
StudyB.Sc. Pharmacy and Biochemistry

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