Unitech interns visiting Marl Chemical Park
Unitech interns visiting Marl Chemical Park
Carbon Footprint Challenge
Carbon Footprint Challenge
UNITECH & Femtec interns visiting Marl Chemical Park 2023
UNITECH & Femtec interns visiting Marl Chemical Park 2023

Your opportunities

Evonik x UNITECH

Are you a UNITECH student or graduate looking for the kick-start into your career? We are proud to be part of the UNITECH network and offer several great opportunities for UNITECH scholars.


What will the world look like in 10 or 20 years? What will humankind need? What challenges might we face? What solutions might help us to overcome them? In more than 100 markets, about 33,000 people working at Evonik explore ways to make the world - and everyday life - better by finding answers to questions like these.

Career Opportunities 

As a global company, we do not only offer a variety of career prospects in engineering or science but also in all business and management branches such as:

  • Process Technology & Engineering
  • New Business Development
  • Digitalization Projects, Marketing & Sales
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainability & Life Cycle Assessment
  • Product Management

Our various entry opportunities for students include internships, cooperative study programs as well as the writing of a thesis or conduct of a final project. As a graduate, you can either choose the fast lane to a management position as a trainee or start putting your knowledge into practice as an entry-level professional.

Either way, if you are looking for a placement that allows you to take ownership of your work, team up with other great minds, and put your name to creations that make a positive difference, we are the right choice for you. In return, you’ll enjoy opportunities to grow personally and professionally, and find the right balance between life inside and outside of the workplace.

Take a look at our Students@Evonik Blog where other students share their experiences.  

Application PROCESS

For Unitech students like you, we offer a special process. Please apply via our specific Unitech job posting which is meant for applications of any type: internships, working student jobs, direct entries, etc.

Please consider the following:
In the online application you'll also be asked for the field of activity you are interested in. Please use this question to state your preferred job (eg. internship) and your field of interest.

After applying, we will review your documents and allocate your application to relevant departments and positions. Thus, we can make sure that a wide range of opportunities is considered. In case you want to apply for a specific job ad you found in the job market, please also use the general job advertisement first. You can then use the application form to let us know which position you are interested in specifically.

The following selection process may differ. You may be invited to a phone call and asked to participate in an online test (not relevant for internships). Then, a video or in-person interview will follow. Afterwards, a final decision is made and a job offer may follow. 

Please submit your job application in digital format via our job portal. But of course, you can send us an e-mail informing about your application in parallel.

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