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Margot H.

My UNITECH experience

Margot is part of the student network UNITECH International and talks about the exciting program and what she appreciates about this community.

You are part of the UNITECH network: What do you value about this community?

The openness and trust. Everyone is free to be themselves and we work together to become the best we can be. Students, coaches, academic and corporate partners are all open-minded, we learn from each other and together.

What was your motivation to get involved in the UNITECH network?

I wanted to work on my people’s skills. UNITECH is an incredible way to meet both students from all over Europe and corporate partners from big companies like Evonik. Through different module we work in teams on exercises and projects and learn how to communicate with each other and how to best organize ourselves to take advantage of everyone’s strengths while helping each other with our weaknesses. We are helped everyday by coaches coming from the different corporate partners, they spend the whole module with us and share their valuable experiences with us. I saw these modules as a unique chance to better my communication skills, team work skills and to learn directly from experienced professionals.

What is your role in the network and what are your tasks?

I am currently a student in the network and will become an alumnus in September. The student tasks are to participate in the different modules, to work on a project assigned by one of the corporate partners together with a team and present our solutions and findings to the rest of the network. Among the students we also help each other whenever possible and try to organize events to stay in touch whenever possible. We also all have an internship with one of the corporate partners.

How did the first contact with Evonik come about?

The first contact I had with Evonik was during the first UNITECH module in Zurich. A career fair was organized, and I had the chance to talk with a previous UNITECH student that has joined Evonik. I learnt more about the company and how employees can develop themselves through their career.

How does Evonik support your student network?

Evonik supports the network by taking an active part in all UNITECH activities. During the modules Evonik sends out coaches to help the students as well as representatives to present the opportunities that exist within Evonik. They also provided a case study to one team of students and worked together with them on finding and presenting a solution to the case study’s problem.

What was one of the highlights with Evonik?

The cooperation with Evonik was really beneficial, the Evonik employees participating in UNITECH activities brought valuable knowledge and experience and innovative ideas that they passed on to the students. I especially liked how easy everyone was to talk to.

What is coming next for you?

Next for me is graduating, which will happen in September. After this, I will probably take a short break before starting a job somewhere. Right now, I look forward to spending some time home, but looking at the following months I look forward to seeing what opportunities lay ahead and where I will get the chance to start my career.

What kind of tips would you give to other people interested in the student network?

No matter what interests you, just ask! Everyone I have met through the network, both students, academic and corporate partners, are all extremely easy to talk to and will happily answer any questions. The best way to know more about UNITECH and its benefits is to talk with the people that are involved in the network.


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