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Every Journey Starts With the First Step – Fernando on his journey to Evonik

Fernando is Account Executive at Evonik in Brazil. In our students@Evonik blog, he writes about his journey: starting with his interest in chemistry to an internship and, lastly, working for Evonik's Regional Business Development in São Paulo, Brazil.

A big hello to everyone,

My name is Fernando Rezende and I work for Evonik as an Account Executive in Regional Business Development in São Paulo, Brazil. You may be wondering why I write for students@Evonik when I am no longer a student. Well, I did not, of course, start out as Account Executive. My journey began as a student and today I would like to tell you a little about myself and my journey to Evonik.

I think a good starting point for my story is to tell you how I got into chemistry in the first place. After high school, I was not very sure where I wanted to go. Of course, the University offered many different options – business, medicine, psychology, physics, engineering and so on – but, to be honest, I could not decide. I think many of my peers feel kind of lost after school – probably because or due to the fact that you finally can plan your own future. At that time, I was watching a documentary about a pretty crazy theory in particle physics, which then got me excited about science - it was fascinating! The course of my journey was set, but the details were not yet clear. Physics sounded interesting but I had the feeling that physics might probably be too much theory for me. In the end, I chose chemistry: a theoretical, scientific background that, if you want, can also be transferred onto the corporate world.

When I was accepted at the University of São Paulo, considered the best in Latin America, I believe that was the first personal achievement in my life that really made me proud. It was a very special and happy time for me but studying chemistry was not easy. The first semester was full of calculus and algebra that I had never seen before. I felt like I barely survived the first semester but I guess every freshman feels that way. Only in the third semester did we start with organic chemistry and, although difficult, it was very interesting. It was not long before I decided to do an internship in the organic chemistry laboratory at my University. I might have been a little overzealous about finally being able to do real scientific research and experiments because, at the end of the course, I had no real knowledge on how to combine chemistry with business. I eventually found out that scientific or academic chemistry is not the same as economic chemistry. In economic chemistry, you always pay attention to the possible effects on the market. On the other hand, in academic chemistry, you do not necessarily pay attention to the market. In other words, my original plan to simply translate my knowledge of chemistry into business practice was not as simple as I thought. Therefore, I decided I needed a second degree to fill that gap. After four years of chemistry, it was and still is not easy to start a second degree in materials engineering. However, it quickly paid off because it gave me the opportunity to do an internship at Evonik.

I started my internship at Evonik right after my first year in Materials Engineering. My first position was with Evonik's High Performance Polymers Business Line as a market intelligence intern. Chemistry and materials engineering were a solid fundament for my internship because I was able to perceive and understand all the new things from two different perspectives - with a micro approach from chemistry and a macro approach from materials engineering. 

Everything I learned during my internship was incredible! It was definitely not something you could learn in a classroom. For example, how important and efficient teamwork truly is in business. For example , in order to observe the market properly, you need to have a good understanding and knowledge about the value chain, the competition, the products and, most importantly, the customers. Let me tell you, this is not possible on your own. I was fortunate to have many colleagues who helped me. And not just in Brazil! I had the opportunity to meet and interact with people from all over the world. For me, this is an important part of Evonik's culture and charm because, from the very first day, I felt really welcome both by the company and by my colleagues.

That is it for today! I hope I was able to show you a bit on how I got to Evonik. But the story is not finished yet! 

In my next post, I will tell you more about my internship and a bit on the transition to Regional Business Development.

See you soon,

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...at #HumanChemistry

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Yesterday we launched our D&I campaign 'Everyone Evonik - Everyone unique' in which colleagues of Evonik Antwerpen introduce themselves to each other. They show that it is possible to do both: to feel 100% at home at Evonik and to be completely yourself at the same time. Colleague Mohamed Amhaoul is the first to tell his story. Read it in Dutch (https://corporate.evonik.be/nl/DI) or in English right here: YOU CAN TURN PREJUDICES AROUND "I am Mohamed Amhaoul, but everyone calls me Moh. I grew up in a Muslim family and am now a husband and father of grown-up children myself. I have been working for Evonik Antwerp since 2005. I started my career at the silanes production unit and after wanderings via the then Cyol unit and the hydrogen peroxid unit, I have been working at the methionine unit for several years now. I am a team leader in the B-team and I am also involved in the employee representation. By ending up in so many different teams, I have already experienced a lot, both positive and negative. Experiences are real learning opportunities for me. For example, I learned over the years not to react immediately when people say something. I take the time to think. A statement always has a context and you can't just assume it's meant badly. I'm a big fan of the consultation culture and conversations. If we don't talk to each other, we won't get anywhere. I really believe that. My origins and religion sometimes cause unease in other people. I have learned to be careful with my own reactions, not to make things worse. You always have a choice: stir things up or be smart. I find it smarter to have a calm conversation and not to impose yourself or your own opinion. Believe me, I have experienced it many times: prejudices can be turned around, without fierce discussions or heated situations. Give people time and trust comes almost naturally. I myself do not accept any form of discrimination. Not in relation to women, colour, religion, race, gender,... and this at no time: not at work, not in the sports club, not in the family. For example, my sisters all started higher education, because I was able to convince my parents of the importance of it. The sports federation, where I am a member of the board, has appointed me as a confidential advisor and I am grateful for that. Here at work, I feel respected. I can be who I am and I wish that for everyone. I dream of a world where boys and girls get to choose what they study, where firms reflect the diversity of the world. Where no one is afraid to be themselves and everyone respects each other without reservation. We are on the right track, there are many bright spots for those who want to see them. #HUMANCHEMISTRY #DIVERISTY #EVERYONEEVONIKEVERYONEUNIQUE #SENSEOFBELONGING #DIVERSITEIT #INCLUSIE #EVONIKANTWERPEN #IEDEREENEVONIKIEDEREENUNIEK #D&i #INCLUSION
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Responsible for Communication - Central & South America Region #Evonik #teamwork #determination