Information on data protection recruiting

Dear applicant,

This document gives you information about important regulations relevant to the use of our career portal. When you fill out the application form, you will be asked to provide personal information that is usually asked in the context of recruitment processes or required by law.

For legal reasons, you have to agree to the terms of this agreement, in order to be able to create a profile and apply.

1. General information

Evonik Industries AG also runs this career portal for other companies of the Evonik Group. The responsible body is always the Evonik Group company named in the relevant job offer. You can find a list of all relevant companies here.

Evonik’s data protection officer will be happy to answer all the questions you may have

2. Processes

In our system you can choose between different options for use:

a. Job alert
b. Applicant profile
c. Job application
d. SocialMatcher

Job alert

We offer you an easy way to get informed by Evonik about interesting job offers in our company. For this purpose, we need just some data from you. By entering the obligatory data, and, if necessary, additional data, you give Evonik your consent to use the data and to send you the corresponding notifications via e-mail. You can cancel your subscription to the job alert at any time.

Applicant profile

You can create your applicant profile at any time, without having to apply to a concrete job.

Job application

This is the core functionality of our system. That is where we offer you to apply to a concrete job opening in our company.


This functionality offers you and your contacts from your social media network (e.g. LinkedIn) the possibility of a match because of profile information in the social media network. After you sign up for the SocialMatcher with your social media account, you will see all jobs that could be interesting to you or others in your networks. You can, then, automatically inform your contacts about these jobs. You bear, of course, responsibility for the notification of your contacts. Evonik cannot be made liable for such notifications.

3. Your data

In the registration process, we offer you an easier way to enter your data through the sign up / data transfer via your social media account (currently this option is only available for LinkedIn, Xing, and WeChat). Here you can login into your social network by using our career portal and then activate the data transfer. By using this option, you give Evonik your consent to the data transfer. You can find more details in the framework of the registration process.

To provide your general data (applicant profile), if applicable, outside of a current job offer, we offer you the following choices:

a. Your data is only used to fill the post you applied to. There is no transmission within the Evonik Group.
b. To fill free posts, your data will be transmitted to Evonik Group companies in your country of residence.
c. To fill free posts, your data can be transmitted within the Evonik Group worldwide or to commissioned third parties.

The persons responsible to fill the vacancies within the Evonik Group have access to your data in the system according to your chosen option (a–c). When applying via WeChat, option a is preset.

For the processing of your application, Evonik Industries AG or the responsible Group companies will collect, store and use all personal data including the data from all entries / attachments that you enter in the context of your application in our portal. Evonik does not collect special categories of personal data (information on racial and ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade-union membership, health or sexual orientation) on purpose, as long as the law in the country of your application does not require this. If you give us special categories of personal data voluntarily, you, hereby, agree that the data is processed and used in the framework of the application processes.

4. Retention and deletion periods

For an efficient processing, we ask you to make sure that the data you enter is true, correct, non-ambiguous and up-to-date. You have the option to correct your own information to guarantee that it is up-to-date.

To this end, you can view and change your data via the application at any time. In addition, you have the right to have all personal data blocked or deleted, to object to the processing of the data, or to have incorrect data rectified at any time. (Note: Where country-specific retention periods apply or where the data and application documents may still be required to avert any claims made by the applicant, the data / documents are exempt from deletion for a defined country-specific period).

If you do not have your data deleted, it will remain stored for up to six (6) months. This period applies to each of your job applications. Different retention periods for job applications in individual countries can be looked up in the country-specific deviations. In the event of future legal obligations requiring a change of the retention period, it will be adapted without prior notice.

In the area of apprenticeships, we reserve the right to retain data for up to twenty-four (24) months in the case of justifiable individual instances despite a rejection, in order to consider possible alternates in the process of employment.

Country-specific deviations regarding retention periods referring to job applications

Contrary to the information above, the following retention periods apply:

Thirty-six (36) months: Canada and the United States

If you do not delete your general data (applicant profile) or have it deleted prematurely, this data remains retained for up to twelve (12) months. This period restarts with every login in our system and ends only after the last step in your application process is completed.

Evonik or the responsible Evonik Group company reserves the right to work with external partners in the recruitment process (e.g. for trainee programs). To this end, the responsible group company can share your data (including the categories of personal data described above) with such service providers in compliance with statutory provisions. Evonik obligated them as well to adhere to data protection provisions, in particular also with regard to the destruction / deletion of your data.

5. Further information

Your data entered and processed in our career portal is stored exclusively in data centers within the European Union. To ensure proper operation and for the purpose of administration, selected employees of Evonik Industries AG from Germany have access to your data. Furthermore, selected employees of service providers / contractors of Evonik Industries AG have access. Corresponding contracts ensure confidentiality and an appropriate data protection level. Your data is protected from unauthorized access through encrypted transmission, encrypted storage, a roles and authorization concept, a data protections concept and physical security measures for the servers. These aspects are regularly checked.

Due to the nature of the internet and of computer systems, Evonik does not accept any liability for the availability of the portal, the correctness and accuracy of the information contained therein, and for the absence of any third-party intellectual property rights or copyrights. Moreover, liability on the part of Evonik shall be excluded except where mandatory statutory liability applies, such as in cases of intent, gross negligence, loss of life, bodily harm or injury to health.

To continually optimize our service, we reserve the right to use cookies and analyzing tools. You can find further information on these technical issues here.

6. Job applications on paper or via a different electronic way (e.g. by e-mail)

To increase efficiency and optimize our process, we transfer all applications that reach us on paper or by e-mail, to our career portal. Your data that we enter into the career portal is, thus, subject to the processes and periods described under point 4.

7. Data protection consent statement

To be able to continue the application process, you need to give your consent to the following terms. This data protection consent statement can be revoked for the future and you can delete your data or have it deleted at any time.

a. You agree to the transfer of your data within the Evonik Group to the relevant persons in accordance with the corresponding job posting and the visibility options as described above.
b. If you voluntarily disclose special categories of personal data (e.g. including information given in attachments), you, hereby, formally agree that this data will be dealt with in the same way as other personal data described in this document
c. You agree to the retention of your data in accordance with the general or country-specific retention periods as described above.

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