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Attention: Recruitment Fraud

Recruitment fraud is a way of offering fake job opportunities to applicants. Scammers target job seekers by listing jobs that do not exist with the goal to receive personal data or money.
Warning signs: How to identify potential fraud

To make sure, that the job position or offer you have found or have received is legitimate, you can check this guideline:

Check the e-mail address

Evonik employees communicate via the domain “@evonik.com”. Our external recruiting service providers either use the domain “@dgextern.com”, have the addition (external) or a domain that is referring to their provider name. Automatically created e-mails contain the system domain name (e.g. “@successfactors.com”) 

Scammers often:

  • send emails from free web-based email accounts such as Google Mail or Yahoo
  • or use slightly modified versions of the official domain name (e.g., @eevonik.com)

Verify information 

Compare the information supplied by the official company and career site with the information sent to you (URL, address, telephone number etc.). In the US, recruiters may use cell phone numbers, the area codes may not match that of the site of the job.

Scammers often:

  • use mobile phone numbers, rather than office numbers
  • issue offers of employment in international locations

Question the style 

Official job postings from Evonik always have the same style. You can check our official job postings here.

Scammers often:

  • make obvious spelling or grammatical errors
  • share documents that are not formatted properly (according to Evonik style)

Formal interview process

Evonik does not make job offers without performing a formal interview process as the next step. Our recruitment process usually involves personal interviews (either on-site or via video conference/phone).

Take your time

Insisting on urgency (“please reply within 24 hours”) could suggest a fraudulent communication. At Evonik, you get time to think about the offer you receive.

We will never request money or irrelevant personal information

Official job offers of Evonik do not contain a request, e.g., for ‘visa fees’, taxes, travel expenses or bank account details. In some countries, it may happen that you must provide your passport or identity certificate details, but only after you have been officially selected and have received an offer and contract from Evonik. 

Protect yourself: What you can do

The following good security practices are recommended to protect yourself from potential fraud:

  • Do not share any contact information, personal or financial details or documents until you have done your research and know for sure the employer and job are legitimate.

  • If you question the legitimacy of a job opening visit our job market [ad link] and see if the job is posted.

  • Do not engage in further communication, if you believe the communication may be fraudulent. 

  • Change your password in case you have been in contact with a potential scammer.

  • Enable multi-factor authentication and other security measures provided by your online services.

  • Avoid opening attachments from unknown senders via mail or social media.

  • Install anti-virus software and update it regularly.

  • Apply all recommended software patches from operating system and software providers.