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Evonik has career development and professional education with a wide range of learning programs catering to all employees at all educational levels.

For example our 2-year International Sales and Marketing program (ISAM) for young and talented Evonik employees to develop their leadership skills and intercultural experience and knowledge. For Management potentials we are offering the “Evonik Development Program" (EDP) to broaden competencies in the fields of team work, networking and working in change processes.



International Sales & Marketing Program

ISAM is an on-the-job training program for young, international professionals entering the field of sales & marketing.

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30 PHDs and postdocs from the FZ Jülich visited the CREAVIS in Marl to get to know how the strategic research development of Evonik is organized and which opportunities exist to start their career in the chemical industry at Evonik. Maybe this is the start of a regular fruitful exchange.

#HumanChemistry #CREAVIS #career@evonik #FZJülich

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Great workshop about the future of HR at Evonik in a great setting! It takes HR!

#HumanChemistry #Ittakesyou #Ittakes HR

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This is a beautiful potted plant in Essen Germany, where I returned six weeks after my #30YearDream summer assignment. It has taken six weeks and a return trip to gain the perspective to summarize my time in Essen. Like a plant that has outgrown a pot, the supporting walls of my pot had become the boundaries of my creativity. I wanted to grow professionally, but international assignments bring risks, personally and professionally. What was different about working in Essen? Nothing. Everything. The work is the work, but in another country, all the things I do by habit require thought. Imagine if you woke up one morning and forgot how to get ready, and you had to rely on a checklist. You’d still brush your teeth, but now you’d have to think about it. I came to Essen because of my expertise. Planted in this new pot, I learned simple things as well as more complex cultural differences. So what do you do when you achieve your #30YearDream? Set new goals, and don’t wait 30 years to do them. What’s your dream?

#Opportunities #HumanChemistry #Essen #TeamSpirit #Internationality #30YearDream


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