Financial support for the young, talented scientist and science students

If you are a young scientist with excellent results and outstanding research ideas but do not have the necessary financial support, we can assist you in achieving your set goals.

Through the Evonik Foundation, we regularly award scholarships to outstanding young people to complete their degrees or doctorates. We focus on candidates whose studies specialize in research in the natural sciences, especially chemistry. You will not only receive monthly financial aid, but also enough to purchase books and to attend scientific congresses and conferences.

We also provide financial aid to fully trained apprentices and bachelor degree graduates. If you have shown outstanding performance while completing your apprenticeship and want to start a bachelor degree, you will receive financial aid, even if you want to continue afterwards with a master’s degree. However, you must study full-time in the areas of business administration (master’s degree), natural sciences (bachelor and master degrees), or (process) engineering (bachelor and master degrees) in order to receive financial aid.

Germany Scholarship

Initiated by the German government in partnership with Evonik, our Germany Scholarship increases the support for Germany's next generation of scientists by granting scholarships for numerous universities.

Our goal is to encourage more young people to pursue degrees in the sciences. The universities funded with this scholarship are located in the following German cities: Aachen, Bochum, Darmstadt, Dortmund, Dresden, Duisburg-Essen, Erlangen-Nürnberg, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Köln, Mainz, am Niederrhein (Krefeld and Mönchengladbach) and in Saarbrücken.


Find out what it is like to be an student at Evonik

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Who are all these people and what are they waiting in line for? They're bright students at the University of Minnesota in line to talk to our Evonik ambassadors about internships, full time roles and rotational programs. Come say "hi" to us at an upcoming event.

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This is my colleague Peter from PT&E presenting at an info session with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. We're always glad to talk to students and professionals about jobs with Evonik, and we're glad to be sponsors of the annual student conference. Doesn't he look so natural standing at the lectern? Can you tell that he used to be a professor? :)

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Not easy to pass the door of UNITECH! The Assessment Center for Europe`s finest engineering program is currently running. Today at the UPC in Barcelona, tomorrow at the ETH in Zurich. Powered by Evonik!

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