Gain practical experience and apply your skills here while you study.



You know best how your ideal internship looks like. At Evonik you’ll find many opportunities in the most diverse fields of work.

You might support the patent department or logistics, for instance, or observe product developers at work and gain respect by sharing your own ideas. Get to know the department that best meets your skills and interests. The content of the internship will be adapted to your interests and our needs.

Or maybe you’re interested in pursuing a mechanical engineering or industrial engineering degree? We offer the right basic internship to get you started! Many technical degree programs require the completion of an internship in the corresponding technical discipline. Evonik’s six-week engineering internships will teach you technical and mechanical skills and create individual curricula that define the scope of your internship activities in accordance with the guidelines of the university of your choice. [MT1]

But it doesn’t end there. If you impress us with your performance and commitment, we will keep in contact with you during your studies through our loyalty program Evonik Perspectives.


The end of your studies or the start of your career?

Why not do your final project or write your thesis on a topic that is relevant for us? Impress us with a short proposal about your idea. If we accept your proposal, we will give you access to all the resources you need to research and complete your thesis or final project.


A bachelor’s degree and 3 years of valuable experience

Apprenticeship or university? Do both! As part of the dual course of study, get the perfect combination of going to university while also getting some hands-on professional experience.

At university, you learn application-related basics and knowledge of processes, as well as project-oriented work and management skills. Here at Evonik, you will work on your own projects; support international teams, and potentially spend a few months at one of our offices abroad. After about 3 years, you will receive a vocational certificate in a trade and a bachelor degree.


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Who are all these people and what are they waiting in line for? They're bright students at the University of Minnesota in line to talk to our Evonik ambassadors about internships, full time roles and rotational programs. Come say "hi" to us at an upcoming event.

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This is my colleague Peter from PT&E presenting at an info session with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. We're always glad to talk to students and professionals about jobs with Evonik, and we're glad to be sponsors of the annual student conference. Doesn't he look so natural standing at the lectern? Can you tell that he used to be a professor? :)

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Not easy to pass the door of UNITECH! The Assessment Center for Europe`s finest engineering program is currently running. Today at the UPC in Barcelona, tomorrow at the ETH in Zurich. Powered by Evonik!

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