Give and take to create the right balance

Flexibility is something Evonik offers you and something you should be willing to offer in return. When you join Evonik, you will find that your individual needs and personal goals are not only respected but encouraged too.

This is the place for you if you want to create the right balance between your professional and private life. 

Through flexible work models, such as part-time work, job-sharing, and home office options you can find the approach that is right for your life. Not only do we nurture your career, we also support you in achieving your quality of life goals by providing health, sport and fitness programs, and child care services at individual locations. We also offer assistance when family members need care. 

Our effort to bring family and career together while also providing incentives to grow personally and professionally, was even rewarded with the "family-friendly company" certificate from the notable Hertie Foundation.

Evonik has many opportunities to offer. To fully explore them you will need to be flexible too. Look beyond your field of expertise for example, consider working at other locations or even in other countries. Keeping an open mind and a flexible attitude will get you places. The careers of many employees of Evonik are  living proof of it.


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Talk about #flexibility. I'm in Austin for a business trip, and today I'm working from MELD coworking space. It's my first time doing this, but it's been a great start to the week!

#HumanChemistry #flexibility #UT #Texas #Austin #coworking #Hook'emHorns

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Evonik gehört zu den besten Unternehmen für Familien! Evonik wird von der Zeitschrift ELTERN zu einem der familienfreundlichsten Arbeitgebern Deutschlands ausgezeichnet. Mehr Infos dazu hier https://corporate.evonik.de/de/pages/article.aspx?articleId=85899

#Flexibilität #Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten #HumanChemistry #Auszeichnung #Eltern #VereinbarkeitFamilieBeruf #FamilienfreundlicherArbeitgeber

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My family and I were excited to see Evonik in Germany....in Epcot!

#flexibility #bvb #evonikinepcot #disneyworld #workhardplayhard #vacation

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