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Opportunity sits at the very heart of what we do. Use your skills and expertise to develop new markets and solutions with Evonik.

Whatever your educational background, career, or life stage you are at, you are able to shape your career through a diverse range of opportunities and locations all over the world.

At Evonik we find that the best solutions usually come from employees who are able to shape and locate the opportunities they’re interested in. It might be an interesting project, a change of country, a training program to keep your skills up to date or even a 180° career switch. Speak your mind and we’ll give you the support needed to reach your goal.

Whilst everyone’s path is different, your career with Evonik could give you opportunities to:


Contribute to and expand upon a portfolio of more than 4,000 products, many of which are market leading in their industry category.


Work on international assignments and possible opportunities to work in more than 25 countries around the world.


Further your career development and professional education with a wide range of learning programs catering to all employees at all educational levels. For example our 2-year International Sales and Marketing program (ISAM) for young and talented Evonik employees to develop their leadership skills and intercultural experience and knowledge. For Management potentials we are offering the Evonik Development Program (EDP) to broaden competencies in the fields of team work, networking and working in change processes. Targeting recent college graduates, Evonik’s North American “International Professional Rotational Enrichment Program” (IPREP) exposes them to both business and service units within the company including one international assignment.


Achieve additional recognition and exposure on a global stage by taking part in extra-curricular innovation and excellence initiatives.


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My name is Alex Evans, and I'm launching a new website for Evonik! As part of my assignment with IPREP, I created a website for Evonik's site in Mobile, Alabama along with the help of staff from Communications, IT, and many of Evonik's Business Lines. Our new website will serve to better inform the community about who Evonik is and what products we make. Check out the brand new website: http://mobile.evonik.us/cms/mobile/en

#Mobile #opportunities #Alabama #IPREP #ChemicalPark

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Raus aus dem Kittel, rein in die Produktion... Mein Evonik Highlight in diesem Jahr ist der Sprung in die Produktion und die Übernahme einer neuen Aufgabe als Betriebsassistentin. Ich freue mich darauf meine Erfahrungen aus über 4 Jahren in der Verfahrenstechnik an einem neuen Standort einzubringen.

#humanchemistry #opportunities #rewoferm #chemicalengineer #meinevonikhighlight

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Bringing together some great minds at Georgia Tech to explore the possibilities of the future specialty chemicals industry. Thanks to the PhD students and post-docs for sharing their thoughts and insights with our Corporate Foresight team.

#Opportunities #HumanChemistry #Internationality #Atlanta #CorporateForesight #USA #GATech

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