Meet the Team
January 24, 2020


Cristal, Business Manager in Resource Efficiency and former participant of the IPREP program, Parsippany NJ, USA, talks about flexibility.

I am currently working in Parsippany, NJ as Business Manager for BL – Catalyst. I had the opportunity to join the catalyst sales team in the US after graduating the IPREP program. My most import task is to make my customers happy, and grow the business. I believe what makes a great salesperson is patience and persistence, I think about this all the time. 

Before my current job, I was on a 6-month assignment abroad as part of IPREP in Hanau, Germany. The transition from the USA to Germany was the most challenging yet rewarding experience I have had with Evonik. Going to Germany I was nervous about the language barrier. It was not until later that I realized that learning a few words and trying to speak some German was enough to get around. People was extremely helpful and my manager always challenged me to continue learning the language. 

While working abroad, I joined my sales colleagues on customer visits. I remember a time when I was road tripping through Spain going from one customer site to another, it was such an adventure. While I enjoy doing sales at Evonik, I also enjoy my free time. Evonik has offered me a good work life balance that has allowed me to travel on my own and explore. During my assignment abroad, I was able to visit many countries far to reach from the USA; from Turkey to Hungary or Czech Republic to Netherlands, Portugal and France. The journey of seeing and learning about the many different cultures in the world is what inspires me to continue growing personally and professionally. My next adventure cannot come soon enough.