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Enable sustainable transformation. Create a greener future.

We’re Evonik. And with everything we do, no matter how small, we want to help make things better. We are already contributing to a greener future by producing key materials for wind turbines. Now, we are striving to make our own raw materials and our energy greener. Hydrogen is a key to it. Continuously optimizing our processes is the heart and soul of Evonik. Be part of it. Join our team and make an impact..

Heart of the process. One of the family.

When you work in manufacturing at Evonik, you’ll find yourself immersed in projects across a global-scale team. Whether you’re assembling, installing, maintaining, testing, or preparing, you’ll be at the heart of the process making an impact to be proud of. Find your role in the Evonik family today.

Spark ideas. Ignite change.

Everyone’s career starts from somewhere. And we want to be there from the very beginning. Whether you’re a student or a recent graduate, we know you have ideas to share and change to make. So, if you have the desire to solve real-world problems, there’s no limit to your potential. Join our team and ignite your career today.

Explore scientific potential. Discover your dream career.

As a scientist at Evonik, you’ll be able to explore the potential of chemistry to create true innovations for next generations. With ground-breaking developments like our gas separation membranes you will drive sustainable gas economy and your career in the right direction. Join our team to see the possibilities you could generate.

Brains of the operation. Heart of our team.

Our engineers work all over the world to find innovative solutions, for the challenges of tomorrow. But they couldn’t do it as individuals. In this family, combining our variety of expertise, skills, and creativity is the reason for our success. This is teamwork. We are Evonik. Come join the family and together we can create something special.

Drive a circular economy. Make valuable team connections.

Wherever your ambitions fall or your skills lie, you have a place here at Evonik to make a real difference. Our business works as a united team to ensure we can push for better. From lowering footprint to increasing handprint, all the way to enabling the transition towards a circular economy, we aim to drive positive change and foster the transition towards a more sustainable future. See where you belong as part of the Evonik family today.

Manufacture lifesaving lipids. Develop a lifechanging career.

From custom lipids to plant-derived medical solutions, we create special kinds of products that improve millions of lives in a thousand different ways. Here, we’re always striving to adapt for the better. Join our team to make an impact you’ll feel proud of.

Make smarter predictions. Influence global change.

Our data teams are the number crunchers, statistic interpreters, information providers, they’re the brains ensuring each change we make, make change for the better, spanning multiple industries. Whether utilizing data to advance poultry farms, improve automotive products, or countless developments in between, see how you can drive difference at Evonik.

About Us

When you work in specialty chemicals, you work across so many other sectors. From sustainable nutrition to healthcare solutions, from advanced food ingredients to membranes, from care solutions to additive manufacturing, you’ll play an essential part in helping the world’s most essential industries succeed. Because we see the big things in the smaller details. To create a bigger impact. For people and the planet.

For over a century, innovation at Evonik has enabled innovation elsewhere. We’ve helped the world’s leading companies create more sustainable, more efficient, more reliable products. So we’ll keep doing what we do best. And when you join Evonik, you’ll do it too.

Our success hinges on a diversity of ideas powered by people, not egos. Whether scientist or engineer, new to the team, or know your way around, we cheer each other on. Through every challenge. We’re united by the constant push to ask the questions and find the answers. The “what if?” the “why not?”. It drives us to be more creative. More innovative. Forces us to see that bigger picture and make change.

Because we believe we can do anything. Explore everything. And Be Part of Something Special.

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