Recent Graduates 

As a new graduate, we know you have ideas to share and changes to make. And, with the right desire, you can make a direct impact here. You can join our trainee program or directly enter into a role of your choice, wherever you are in the world.


Opportunities to continue learning and broaden your horizons are more than offers—they’re expectations.

With this personal development program employees who are recently promoted to the expert group or are newly recruited university graduates have the opportunity to develop their skills and build networks across business areas. 

We offer training in project management, team working, and communication skills development designed for Project Managers.

The GDP was created to offer an overview of all important learning content and development topics at Evonik in its various countries, businesses, and functions—a learning strategy for holistic employee development. 

Accessible at any time, from anywhere, this award-winning global learning portal provides interactive learning formats tailored to your individual needs and learning goals.

Meet recent graduates at Evonik