Work in Business Administration at Evonik

Can economists and experts in business administration work in the specialty chemicals industry? Of course! Join Evonik and help us to improve life today and tomorrow.

Business Administration in the specialty chemicals industry?

Are you a graduate in business administration or economics and about to start your career? Do you have experience in business? Are you wondering what you can do after completing your bachelor's or master's degree? And would you like to shape commercial topics in the international specialty chemicals industry? Then you're right here!  

Evonik Industries offers various job opportunities for economists. You can make a difference at Evonik in various areas and on diverse career paths.

Discover current business administration job offers or create an account with your e-mail address to find out about new vacancies. Of course, you can also respond directly to a job offer.

Why work in business administration at Evonik?

Our teams rely on every member, from junior to management, to make life better for all of us. Here you can drive your individual development in various job fields - from business administration to industrial engineering or business chemistry.

You will experience international cooperation in a dynamic company. Hybrid and flexible working models, an appreciative environment, responsibility and health promotion are just some of the benefits we can offer.

Who are we looking for?

From a bachelor's or master's degree to a doctorate: Are you a graduate in business administration or do you have experience in economics, business informatics, industrial engineering or business chemistry? Take a look at our opportunities!

Evonik is looking for team players with business administration skills. In numerous areas of our industry it is essential to analyze data and identify trends in order to make well-founded decisions. Our focus is on our customers. From purchasing to marketing, we communicate our findings effectively to customers, colleagues and management. Hybrid and flexible working hours enable our teams to meet these requirements even better.

At the same time, it is becoming more important than ever in business administration to develop innovative solutions and stand out from the competition. This is why creativity and new solutions are crucial to success, especially in business administration. This also includes the area of IT and technology competence: Because in all fields of business administration, it is important to use modern technologies.

At Evonik, you can continuously develop yourself. For example, we attach great importance to keeping our teams up to date in Sales, Customer Service and Marketing.

Whether for career changers from other departments or for experienced experts: Evonik Schools offer our internal employees training at various levels in the areas of marketing, sales and customer service.

And it's not just about technical content and tools, but also about networking and joint learning.

How can I get a job in business administration as a recent graduate?

How do economics pave the way for your business administration career at Evonik? The answer is: The opportunities are varied.

We offer entry-level opportunities for all career levels in business administration and development opportunities for specialists and the management of tomorrow.

Whether you are a business graduate or an experienced manager - you will find what you are looking for here. Evonik also offers dual study programs leading to a Bachelor's degree. In addition, internships, trainee programs and direct entry positions can be another alternative for you - whether with a Bachelor, Master, business administration or doctorate degree.

What can Evonik offer business graduates, industrial engineers and industrial chemists?

Nothing is impossible. Dual studies in business administration, Bachelor of Arts, Master's degree or professional experience: Different backgrounds open different doors. In specialty chemicals, there are numerous paths and departments to discover.

Our partners and teams value diversity and benefit from it. Whether you're an IT consultant in the field of business informatics, key account management or online marketing: Many doors are open to you, from junior to manager or senior expert. Our specialists work in the following departments.

Accounting is boring and only juggles with numbers? Not at Evonik! In departments such as controlling, our teams do not only deal with statistics and the past in their business administration jobs, but also take a look into the future: How can we learn from past developments? Where do we want to go? What is already working well?

Figures and data provide scope for interpretation, design and target orientation. Their use creates added value for Evonik and - as a classic field of business administration - offers scope for analysis and creativity.

As a listed stock corporation, Evonik consists of numerous departments, sub-services and interfaces. Cross-process thinking is therefore particularly important!

Supply chain deals with end-to-end processes and the interaction with diverse functions of the company. These include logistics, IT, purchasing, sales, production and controlling. Holistic planning along the value chain is essential here to make Evonik resilient and secure, but also flexible and profitable.

Through digital transformation and driven by our employees, we manage a digital, seamlessly integrated and customer-oriented supply network. In this network, we work with automated and networked material, information and financial flows. Transparent analyses create added value for our customers and Evonik.

The job in procurement offers the potential to make efficient decisions even before the actual start of production. These have a significant impact on downstream processes. This is why all the skills of economics are required in this area!

At Evonik, this means: Responsibility from day one and with digital solutions, a global set-up and working in a passionate team. Evonik's purchasing department works in a global network. This consists of more than 35,000 suppliers in over 100 countries.

You see, you will be working on the key questions of tomorrow: How can we make our supply chains more sustainable? How can we improve our data quality and technologies? How do we design our risk management? Security of supply is always our top priority. Become part of our purchasing team and actively shape a sustainable future with us!

From analyses to managing negotiations and dealing with customer inquiries, everything here revolves around communication. A job that combines numerous competencies. In this field of business administration, we develop customer-oriented solutions in a great team and with modern approaches.

Even in this department, a dual study program or apprenticeship is not the end of the personal learning journey. Evonik Industries AG also develops teams internally in the area of business administration with measures such as the International Sales and Marketing Program (ISAM).

ISAM is our two-year on-the-job development program with an international focus. As part of the program, young Evonik employees in sales and marketing get to know various business units and locations. They spend at least one stay abroad. The assignments last six to twelve months. All participants receive language training to support their international assignments.

Did you enjoy human resource topics during your business studies? Then this is the right place for you!

Evonik focuses on every person in the company, not just in their job, but with all their skills and attitudes. Become part of a sustainable and holistic transformation!

This transformation is also the focus in all areas of HR - from the acquisition of new talents to personal development and retirement, people can find support here. Help us to become even better partners for our internal and external team members and candidates!

Who are we at Evonik and where can you find us?

Evonik is a German company with its headquarters in Essen. However, our business is global: We are active in more than 100 countries and produce in 27 countries on six continents. We are one of the world's leading specialty chemicals companies. Get to know us better:

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