Who We Are

We’re the builders of the future because we think beyond chemistry. To create a bigger impact for people and the planet.

An Impact You Can Be Proud of

Our work makes a special kind of impact. Because we create special products and solutions that improve millions of lives, in a thousand different ways.

Potential Without Limits

We don’t limit potential, we encourage it. Variety excites us, and complexity makes us curious. When we open our minds, we open new doors.

Supported, Seen and Heard

Nobody at Evonik is expected to figure things out on their own. We’re a place where you’ll be supported, valued, and listened to.



Facts and Figures

September 12, 2007
as part of the renaming of RAG-Beteiligungs-AG to Evonik Industries AG

Essen, Germany

Core Business
Specialty chemicals

Number of Employees
33,409 (December 2023)

Production plants in 27 countries
Operations worldwide

15.3 billion euros (2023)

1.7 billion euros (2023)

R&D Expenses
443 million euros (2023)

Patents and Trademarks
Aprox. 23,000 patens (2023)
Approx. 7,350 trademarks (2022)

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