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One more challenge is one more chance to grow!

Since nine months Letícia is an intern at the Smart Materials & Specialty Additives Divisions in São Paulo, Brazil. During her time at Evonik she was able to gain experience in both technology and quality.

Hi everyone! 

My name is Letícia, I am 21 years old and I’m on my last year of college at the University Center of Faculty of Industrial Engineering (FEI) majoring in Chemical Engineering. I am a quality and technical intern at Evonik in São Paulo, Brazil, for the Smart Materials and Specialty Additives divisions.  

I decided to major in Chemical Engineering because I have always wanted to work in laboratory research. During my third year of college, I was given the opportunity to develop a study on antioxidant compounds and present my work at the university congress. Once I had this experience, I decided to look for a corporate job as an intern to develop business skills and pursue my career. During my search I came across Evonik and realized it would be a great fit for me!  

I started working at Evonik during the COVID-19 pandemic, and ever since my first day I have noticed the strong #HumanChemistry in our team. Starting my first corporate job working from home was a challenge but my leader and colleagues gave me all the support I needed. I started as a technical intern being responsible for investigating, researching and indicating Evonik's solution which best fit into customers’ chemical and process needs and supporting our sales team. As time went by, I began to support quality matters where I got to learn more about the documentation regarding our products and production sites. I am very motivated by both activities, and I appreciate the opportunity to get closer to so many different areas of the company.  

Working as an intern for both, quality and technical matters, was challenging at first, but it is rewarding to see how much I have learned about the corporate world. I really enjoyed the chance I had to meet colleagues from different countries who always support me, and the closer relationship I am able to develop with our customers. So, for me the most exciting aspect of working at Evonik is the constant opportunity to learn and expand my network. As I support the Smart Materials and Specialty Additives divisions, I get to see so many different types of chemistry in the most various applications. On top of that, I also learned more about business skills from my coworkers. All the experience they share with me is encouraging me to pursue a career on the business path. Our team makes sure we understand the impact of our work and I believe nothing can be more motivating than knowing the purpose of our dedication.   

My ambition to go after a career in business is due to some experiences I had in marketing and sales in Coatings & Adhesive Resins. I have been learning how to develop a value proposition to a new application, how to explore a new market and introduce our product in it. I am thrilled by learning from colleagues in CSA Region (Central South America) and also by being able to share my views in the project development.    

My whole life I have looked at new tasks as an opportunity to evolve and I can say that in these last 9 months of my internship at Evonik I have grown the most personally and professionally. I am thankful I have the opportunity to work at a company that motivates me every day. My internship here has been an amazing experience, -  Evonik for sure leads beyond chemistry!  

I would like to leave a special thank you for my leader and all my coworkers who have been guiding me through my journey at Evonik and I hope to meet you all in person soon!  

Thank you and best regards! 


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