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A new exciting challenge every day - internship in China

Yifeng works as an intern in the Employer Branding Team at Evonik China. In our students@Evonik blog, he tells us why his internship was completely different than expected.

I'm Yifeng, majored in Digital Media Production, a postgraduate student at University College London (UCL) which is honored to be 8th in 22QS Rankings. But I never been to UK due to the COVID-19, and I really want to go to London. 

At present, I am working as an intern in the Employer Branding team of Evonik China. I am a person who likes to try new things constantly. Evonik, as the first company where I officially practiced, gave me great satisfaction in this respect. Although I worked as an intern in HR department, I have been more involved in branding and communication work, and even editing website by myself. In my opinion, this sense of creative work is the most important reason that keeps me active all the time. Every day when I come to the company, I may meet different challenges during my job. That’s what I really enjoy in this internship!  

Before coming to Evonik, I always thought of internships as taking care of the clutter, but at Evonik, I was exposed to a variety of tasks that really required my participation. Sometimes I'm involved in copywriting Evonik promotional videos. The process was very creative because I had to brainstorm with my colleagues and revise the script afterwards. To bring variety to my internship I was asked to participate in the shooting of the promotional video. In these various jobs, I have met many excellent colleagues who are always teaching me important information and knowledge while working. I think it's like a real job for me. I not only enriched my working experience, but also felt the excellent working environment and the positive influence brought to me by the excellent working environment. This makes me say “Yes” to Evonik. 

What amazes me most is that during my school years, I always thought work was serious. However, after I came to Evonik, I felt the working atmosphere was very pleasant and free. We all perform our own duties, in serious work and at the same time creating a respectful and fun atmosphere. It made me feel very secure. 

I believe that Evonik is beyond chemistry all the time! If you would like to know more, explore for yourself! 

Best regards 


On the students@Evonik blog, students, who work at Evonik, share their experiences about life and work in the company.


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