November 29, 2023

#6 – The Green Journal Meets the Greenest Job

The Green Journal: An insight into the project "The Greenest Job" and how did the Green Journal get started?


Hi and welcome to my blog! I am excited to share with you my latest experiences and insights into sustainable projects at Evonik. Now that you are ready, let’s dive into >>the Project “The Greenest Job” <<!

Home Page Purpose Internship - Regionalverband Ruhr 

 "WE WANT YOU" - those are the words used by the Ruhr Regional Association to summarize its campaign, which aims to draw the attention of young talent in the Ruhr region to innovative jobs in sustainable and forward-looking companies. Of course, this also caught my interest at the time, because what does sustainability in major companies actually look like? Out of a total of six purpose internships, I was placed in one of them. The internship at Evonik is called "The Greenest Job", where I discover sustainable projects and departments with a sustainability focus. During my various visits, the idea was born to share my perceptions and experiences with others. That was the start of "The Green Journal".

The Green Journal

With "The Green Journal", I not only wanted to talk about projects and departments, I also wanted to introduce and learn about the people behind the jobs. There was so much to discover that I chose ten exciting areas for myself. They range from sustainability in production and strategy to topics that at first look have nothing, or very little, to do with sustainability, such as human rights compliance in a global company and diversity and inclusion at all levels.

„The Greenest Job“  

My experiences about sustainability at Evonik and in the region are captured in a portrait video. A completely new experience for me! Normally, like many of us, I'm more of a member of the audience, but this time I'm involved in the planning, production and even as an actress in front of the camera.

Of course, that takes a lot of time and good preparation. The discussions and conceptualization of this shoot were very intensive and an instructive experience. The result was a detailed concept with all the locations, shooting times and content for the shooting day itself, which I was allowed to co-decide.

What does a day of filming actually look like? A video shoot of this length involves a lot of people and even more equipment. The first shots began at sunrise with a view of the beautiful region of Essen. The script guided us through the day and included my workplace, everyday life as an intern and my favorite places in Essen. The highlights for me were the interviews in front of the camera, which are rather unusual in my internship routine, and the end of the day at Baldeneysee in Essen with Laura, my colleague and friend. Being in front of the camera together in a casual atmosphere was a great experience, where you could almost forget about the film situation. Despite the cold weather, we had a lot of fun together and have decided to go to the lake again in the summer. A few interested passers-by also came along as audience members and we finished filming on time at 6 pm!

Behind the scenes

And if you are now curious about the video. Here are some exclusive insights into our day of filming:

Portrait shots

Working Space


Outdoor Scene


Region Essen am Baldeneysee 

If you take a look behind the scenes, you might get an idea of how much work goes into a short video. More specifically, we had a shooting day of nine hours, three scripts and four professional film experts for a 90-second video - an experience you definitely will not forget.

Personally, I can say that I really enjoyed this day and the whole internship and I'm already looking forward to the next project. Even if it is sometimes difficult to leave your comfort zone, I can confirm that this step is always worth it.

Look forward to the video!