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February 17, 2022

Awards for Evonik’s Community Management Team

Awards for Evonik’s Community Management team highlight the importance of growing an internal social network.

At Evonik the power of social media has internally been unleashed within our own internal Evonik Social Network. The idea: Social media, networking and exchanges have become important inspirations for work - so why not use it as an integrated, internal tool in everyday work processes? The team #CommunityManagement, which was founded two years ago, ensures that everyone at Evonik develops a visible digital identity and is equipped to interact and co-work on their own accord with colleagues across regions and departments. Furthermore, much of the work helping communities grow and become a driving force is done behind the scenes – by the team #CommunityManagement.

Great news for self-motivated employees who want to start new initiatives and meet likeminded colleagues. “We believe that sharing information digitally on our internal network leads to improved information flow, a better employee experience with higher engagement, co-working beyond silos, and ultimately better performance. The communities that thrive on our internal network have topics that range from technical issues, innovation and sustainability to diversity & inclusion”, says Daniel Berndt, head of Community Management. “The best part is, that many successful initiatives have started their life as an idea which someone shared across the Evonik Social Network”, Daniel adds.

For their work the team #CommunityManagement has recently been awarded with the Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation and the European Excellence Award.

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