Guest Editor Chaiyaporn in our #Quick-Q&A interview

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October 14, 2022

Guest Editor

Chaiyaporn From Thailand in Our #Quick-Q&A Interview

What does #HumanChemistry mean to you? Who is your hero? What is your greatest achievement? These are only a few questions we asked our guest editor Chaiyaporn in a quick Q&A session. Find out his answers in our video.

#Quick-Q&A interview


Surasak: Hello Khun Chaiyaporn, I am Surasak Photia, Plant Manager of Evonik United Silica  (Siam) Ltd. Today we have 90 seconds to learn about you.

Chaiyaporn: Thank you, Khun Surasak. I am Chaiyaporn. Let’s get started.


Surasak: Describe your role in three hashtags.

Chaiyaporn: #Predictability, #SmartWork and #Digitalization.

Surasak: Describe (Evonik) Thailand in one sentence.

Chaiyaporn: We provide raw materials to major industries in Thailand.

Surasak: Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of.

Chaiyaporn: I lost weight, 40 kilograms!

Surasak: How do you deal with setbacks in your career?

Chaiyaporn: Well, prioritization is the method I've always used.

Surasak: What did you learn from your biggest mistake?

Chaiyaporn: I learned that I have to be more confident to make decisions.

Surasak: Complete the sentence. In 10 years, I will …

Chaiyaporn: Umm, I would like to see the outcome of all the tasks/projects that I have started today.

Surasak: What inspired your work?

Chaiyaporn: My family.

Surasak: Who is your hero?

Chaiyaporn: My father.

Surasak: Thank you very much.

Chaiyaporn: Thank you very much, too.