Career News
October 14, 2020

Digital Communication Awards 2020

#CourageWins: Trust in new ways! Evonik won silver and bronze medal for two campaigns!

The job of the employer branding team here at Evonik is to attract new talents to the company and to show our existing employees that, with Evonik, they have chosen the right employer. It’s all about reaching and involving people! However, it’s not always easy as the competition does not sleep – so we decided to try new things and we have been rewarded for this approach at the German Digital Communication Awards

We are happy to share with you that we won silver for #EndlichMalEinRichtigerJob in the category "Influencer Communications" and the bronze medal for the global internal campaign #BetterWithYou in the category "Best Small Budget Campaign"!

Thanks to all of you who have supported and contributed! It takes you! 

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