Career News
February 21, 2020

Employees Help Their Colleagues With Digital Problems 

To ensure that every employee receives help with digital problems as quickly as possible, the "eBuddy" project was launched this year. More than 200 employees already support their colleagues with digital expertise.

The idea is simple and efficient at the same time: Employees help their colleagues to find straightforward solutions for digital issues. Along with 300 other ideas, the eBuddy concept was first introduced in 2019 at an internal innovation conference where it was voted among the top 5. Behind the eBuddies are employees who, in addition to their full-time jobs, provide their colleagues with advice and support on a voluntary basis for questions concerning IT and collaboration. No matter, whether a colleague needs help inserting grid lines in PowerPoint, the installation of apps or requests an introduction of the correct application of Office Tools – an inquiry via chat or call is sufficient to receive fast assistance.

Every employee at Evonik has the opportunity to become an eBuddy. To also introduce this concept to other employees, the first "eBuddy Empowerment Event" was held on Wednesday, February 19th at numerous Evonik sites. Those who could not be there in person could take part in virtually. Besides the presentation of the concept, the participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas with other eBuddies, to strengthen their own network and to take the chance to become an eBuddy themselves.


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