Career News
October 5, 2020

Evonik is one of the best employers for women

Employer study by the Brigitte magazine once again names Evonik as one of the best companies for women.

This is the third time that Brigitte magazine, in cooperation with Territory Embrace's personnel marketing experts, has searched for the best employers for women. Companies throughout Germany were invited to take part in a corresponding employer study.

Evonik scored above average in this study, achieving the highest rating of 5 stars in each case. The company is thus distinguished by its high level of commitment to equal opportunities and support for female employees and is once again one of the top employers for women in Germany. "We are convinced that in an increasingly complex world, we unfold our strength through lived diversity. By creating an environment that meets the diverse needs of our employees, and by continuing to promote women at all levels, we will continue to be an attractive employer in the market," says Thomas Wessel, Chief Human Resources Officer and Labor Director.

The online questionnaire comprised a total of 62 questions from four areas that are considered important in terms of the advancement of women: The compatibility of work and family, flexible working models, measures to promote careers, and the importance of transparency and equality within the company. The number of women in management positions and the self-imposed quotas for women in the companies were also included in the score. With 257 companies participating in the study, 50 percent more than in the previous year - this shows how important the topic is to companies even in times of crisis.

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