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July 27, 2021

Evonik Wins Bronze Award for Best Onboarding Experience

Evonik’s first Global Onboarding Team has created a consistent employee experience that was recognized at the 2021 HR Excellence Awards in Singapore.

At this year’s HR Excellence Awards in Singapore, Evonik’s Global Onboarding Team has won the bronze award under the category of Best Onboarding Experience. HR Online, the creators of the HR Excellence Awards, stated that this new award was built on the foundation that, “As we move to rebuilding the global economy and adapting to new ways of working, employee experience (EX) has come to the forefront of every organization’s agenda.”

All awards were judged in the categories of business challenges, transformation strategy, impact, and learning points. Each award also had topic-specific criteria upon which companies were evaluated. Criteria for the Onboarding award stated, “Judges will reward organizations that have excelled in welcoming new employees all the way from day one to their ramp-up towards productivity, through the necessary knowledge, skills, and disposition to become valuable team members.”

Evonik’s Onboarding Team always has the new employee experience at the forefront of their minds. To ensure a successful transition into the organization, the team has created a suite of digital resources that provide each new hire with tools on hand to hit the ground running and fully develop into their new roles. This includes an internal, interactive website where employees have easy access to digital information that can assist in their job performance, increase their understating about Evonik’s internal business lines and sites, guide them through diversity and learning activities, and more. All new hires are added to their own Microsoft Teams Group, and virtual onboarding sessions are provided to foster a strong culture and sense of community from day one at Evonik.

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